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I would like to make 1-2 creatives for a test. How much is it?
In general, we don't recommend doing tests of just 1-2 creatives, because all our vast experience in purchasing says that the probability of finding a new top-performing creative is somewhere around 10%. Therefore, we recommend starting with a pack of at least 10 creatives. Despite this, we understand that sometimes it's important for you to evaluate the quality of production. If in this case our portfolio isn't enough for you, we can make a pack of several creatives, but their price will be much higher, because then we would require a setup fee of $2,000 to start building the right processes for you.
Can you do 3D?
Yes. Our designers work with both Unreal Engine and Unity, in addition to other tools. We can produce 3D creatives from scratch, including new locations, and integrate your characters into them.
How do you make the gameplay look so cool?
Where did you see the gameplay? 95% of the creatives we produce don't use actual gameplay, but are produced by our designers from scratch. For example, we can just use game assets, such as characters, and animate them specifically for the creative plot using some game mechanics.
Why the heck do you do misleads?
Yes, we often use meta-gameplay in the production of creatives, which allows us to raise the level of performance. Our purchasing experience says that good creatives not only don't drop retention, but can also significantly increase ROAS. At the same time, we usually don't make a full mislead — we use characters from the game and often the core mechanics are preserved. Although, we expand it to test new approaches that you might not encounter in the game.
And if I want to buy in TikTok, can you somehow adapt my creatives?
We operate in different channels, and by default we produce your creative in 4 different sizes at once, which allows us to cover almost all popular placements in all networks.
We already work with other studios and have integrated them into our processes. What's your viewpoint on this?
We easily adapt to your processes and can interact in any system, such as Jira, Asana, Slack, Monday, etc. We're prepared to respect your naming, and communicate in channels convenient for you. We have enough experience with our current clients to quickly deploy all processes and start working immediately.
Will I also have to come up with scenarios for you?
Not at all. On the contrary, we often work in a full cycle, where on the basis of the product we conduct our own brainstorm. In addition to designers and creative producers, these are also attended by buyers, because it's the performance of creatives that's important to us, and not just a beautiful picture. As a result, we get ideas for new approaches, and then we implement these approaches in the form of final creatives. All you need is to agree on the ready-made terms of reference, which we will write for you. If you have your own technical specifications, then we will gladly make creatives based on them.
Yeah, yeah... We know how you studios operate. You take the order, then just find some cheap freelancers.
There are such studios, but this is not our situation. More than 50 motion designers work in our staff on full-time contracts. There is tough competition within the team, and weak designers cannot withstand it, so we can confidently say that we have one of the strongest creative production teams in the world.
I need creatives for purchase the day after tomorrow, will you have time to do it?
Unfortunately, this is physically impossible. We have a streamlined process, which includes negotiating and signing an agreement, collecting assets, brainstorming, preparing technical specifications based on ideas from a brainstorm, coordinating ideas, production, and finally edits. All of these processes take time, so in practice we take 30 days to produce a full package of creatives, starting from the moment the technical specification is agreed upon with the client. You will start receiving the first creatives in 2 weeks from the moment of approval of the TOR. With regular customers with already-established processes and communications, we can go for 2-week creative production iterations.
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