Ugo Games
Smart Project
Cooperation with AdSide had allowed us to develop efficient and versatile partnership workflows that we later successfully implemented with other contractors.

They are great professionals highly educated about the gaming market, always striving to do their best to achieve the desired results.

Alina Ismailova. Digital Marketing Manager, My.Games
Creative for My.Games
After Effects
We expected the quality level of AdSide Media production to improve and we really saw it when we got the finished work.

The process of work was not a surprise for us. There was a well-built communication system, there was an initial plan of work with deadlines and we adhered to it.

They hit all main points: increased quality, the project was completed on time, operational communication.

Valentina. Marketing and Advertising Manager at Ugo Games.
Creative for Ugo Games
After Effects
We are very pleased with the results. The quality of the creatives is top-notch, but more importantly, we get excellent performance on payments. That's why we continue to cooperate with them!

AdSide Media's great attention to detail — here's what I would like to note separately.

Christian Rose. Head of Creative Production, Creative Mobile.

Creative for Creative Mobile
After Effects and Unreal Engine 4
Mobile marketing is not an easy niche, but we have been in business for two years now and are very happy with the results. Traffic from AdSide gives us a steady flow of customers.

The main thing we value is stability and controllable results, and we get this when working with AdSide. And this is a key moment of interaction.

Anastasiya Artemenko Marketing Lead, Smart Project.
Video ad for Smart Project
After Effects
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We have a project at the soft launch stage, will you help us buy traffic?
It should be understood that at the soft launch stage, the task of user acquisition is a test of hypotheses. Usually, in this situation, the project is not yet fully proven in the economy, and in parallel with the purchase of traffic, it is necessary to make improvements in the product itself. But if you are sure that your product is ready, you understand what KPIs you need to achieve, and you have a budget of at least $5K per month per channel, we will be happy to discuss options for cooperation.
What model do you work with?
We always start working with the % of spend model. Plus, we additionally charge for creatives, if you need to produce them.
What about CPA / CPI / Revenue share?
We are ready to consider various forms of cooperation if we find a win-win scenario, but not from the first month of work. In addition to purely monetary relations, we need to build communication and start working with each other in a mutually pragmatic way.
I have $1000 at the start for a purchase, what should I do?
It's better to spend this budget on setting up advertising campaigns yourself. Leave your email address on our site, and we will send you a manual for self-test data purchase on Facebook. Thus, you will save at the start and will be able to get more data for analysis.
I am buying at $50 / day and it's going great, can you help me scale?
Try to increase your budget on your own and if the numbers still look good when you're at 200-300 dollars a day, we will be happy to help you purchase from different channels.
I am buying at $500 / day and the economy is great, can you help me scale?
We would love to see your current purchase. If there really is a great product, we can help you scale.
I am buying at $500 / day and the economics aren't doing great, can you help me scale?
If the economics aren't doing great, then you should not scale up the purchase. We will be happy to see how you're buying at the moment and if we understand that we can do something better and this can bring you monetary gain, then we will be happy to do it.
What channels do you buy traffic on?
We buy traffic on Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, Unity Ads, Applovin, Vungle, ASA, AdColony, and a number of other networks. Even if the site you need is not on the list, contact us and we will discuss the strategy of work together!

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